San Francisco Bye-Bye

Hear San Francisco Bye-Bye (Traditional)

Hear San Francisco Bye-Bye (Disco) This was an interesting exercise. In “the old days” of analog recording, tracks had to actually be laid down by singers listening over headphones to the other instruments. I chose to do all three back-up parts myself. It was harder than it looks/sounds!


“It’s not that I want to, but I’m going away.
I’m leavin’ tomorrow, movin’ down to L.A.
So I’m packing my mem’ries of Baghdad by the Bay.
And before I go, I would like to say:

You’ve been one hell of a town even when you let me down
San Francisco.
With your nose up city class, full of vinegar and sass
San Francisco.
To the knobs on Nob Hill, to the Top of the Mark, to Chinatown, Downtown, to Golden Gate Park, it’s been fun, San Francisco.
So long San Francisco, Bye-Bye.
To the people that you meet, the musicians on the street
San Francisco.
To Coit Tower, Union Square, and the kites up in the air,
San Francisco.
To the Op’ra, Ballet, to the Bridge, to the Bay, to Market Street, Lombard Street, I hate to say
Adios, San Francisco, but Ciao San Francisco, Bye-Bye.

La – la – la La la la la – la
La – la – la La la la la – la
La – la – la La la la la

To Seal rock and all the seals, to the Broadway barkers’ spiels
San Francisco.
Carol Doda and Herb Caen, cable cars and fog and rain,
San Francisco.
To your bars, your cafes, to the straights, to the gays, to Muni, to Bart,
And to Tony Bennett’s heart
Au revoir, San Francisco, Adieu San Francisco, Bye-Bye.
Au revoir, San Francisco.
Adieu San Francisco.
It’s been fun San Francisco. So long San Francisco, Bye-Bye!”