Recently I joined a forum for people over 50 which is based in the UK. Attached to my Profile Page is a Blog. There, I can post anything I want, just like a regular blog. I found myself writing stories almost every day. Very few people read my posts, but, well it’s about priming the writing pump I guess.writingarrows

I decided that it’s time for me to start writing my story again. See my Blog Posts.

This is some of my writing which is currently published on the internet.


Looking For Clues
Romancing Soft Stone: Creating Fine Art with Sculpey or
Working From Home

Greensilk Journal
May 2015 – Backstage @ Beach Blanket Babylon Goes Bananas

November 2013 – If I Thought I Would Not See The Moon Again

October 2012 – Halloween On Polk Street

October 2010 – Ageism

February 2009 – Everybody Has A Story